About Flow BIM

FLOW Inc. was founded by Steve Chang, founder of Trend Micro, a world-famous company that provides cybersecurity services. In 2013, we set up the Department of BIM Integrated Services in response to a rising digital transformation trend of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry worldwide. Known as the first BIM team of a social enterprise, we provide BIM integrated services that encompass the lifecycle of a construction project while we are staying dedicated to incorporating digital comms technologies to develop better solutions for the smart building management system, help our customers create significant values, and continue to innovate to achieve sustainability.

Our Team

The Department of BIM Integrated Services comprises the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) Team, the Archi Team, and the R&D Team. Our team knows how to leverage BIM technologies in a wide variety of projects and has gained extraordinary insight into the architecture and construction industries by incorporating BIM technologies into digital comms applications to proffer practical solutions.

Our Core Competencies


We recruit top talent in the fields of architectural design, MEP integration, onsite construction, project management, and BIM technology and are able to provide the most appropriate BIM services for our customers throughout the whole process: model building, a review of collisions, 2D draftings and drawings, and applying BIM in construction projects. We also provide BIM consultation services.

We are equipped with extensive experience in applying BIM in a range of mega projects from medical facilities, industrial facilities and office, mixed-use facilities (office/commercial/residential), sports centers, to transportation infrastructures. We help implement a project throughout all phases, from planning, design, construction, and to operations and maintenance.

We have successfully collaborated with architecture and electrical engineering firms, construction plants, and a wide variety of contractors over the years. We leverage cloud collaboration platforms to simultaneously integrate different types of information throughout the phases of BIM and achieve optimal efficiency. Alongside this, we have great abilities to coordinate BIM file formats and are in good command of AR, VR, and point cloud technologies to provide high-quality integrated BIM services that are featured with the timeliness and completeness of information in BIM.

In response to the evolving and more complex needs of intelligent management for smart buildings, factories, and hospitals, FLOW Inc. uses its digital comms technologies and deep insight into the architecture and construction industry while leveraging AR/VR technologies for an optimal AI and IoT integration. In so doing, we strategically cooperate with our ICT partners to provide well-informed advice and BIM-based smart site solutions that accommodate the different needs of various buildings.

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