Our Services

Flow Inc. yields the greatest benefits of BIM.

BIM is used throughout all phases of a construction project, including the 3D modeling during various stages, coordination (CSD & SEM), interface conflicts, constructability, and a review of the rationality of spaces.

To help clients increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, we use BIM and other related technologies for quantity takeoffs and estimation, green BIM-based building energy performance analysis, automation tool development, etc.

We provide the BIM consulting services, including BIM implementation plan across all construction stages, execution guidances, the interface integration of various BIM models, the extended BIM applications, and the BIM plug-ins development.

By adopting the construction scheduling and VR/AR simulation techniques, we help our clients quickly grasp the design and construction status.

We use LiDAR scanning technology to access a high-accuracy point cloud model and integrate with BIM to reconstruct existing buildings or review and correct as-built models.

FLOW Inc. works with solution partners and develop a true intelligent space management system based on BIM.


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