Want to create an ideal career through the implementation of BIM?

“Are you passionate about implementing BIM and using it for extended applications?
Do you want to carry out multidisciplinary tasks through systemic information management in the AEC industry?”

BIM unlocks the success code to the future smart building.

We believe that BIM is the key to developing smart buildings in the future.

With years of our experience and capabilities we gained, we are on a mission to make a better future by leveraging the benefits of BIM. So if you think like that as well, then let’s talk! Now we’re looking for top-notch talents who are not only passionate about BIM but also have expertise in architecture, MEP system design, or on-site construction. We provide a stage for innovative workers to grow with us, making BIM a stronger tool in a broader array of projects at FLOW Inc.


Create a Future You: Join our team and be prepared to be a T-shaped talent in the workplace.

Integrating information has shown a rising trend in the AEC industry globally, FLOW Inc. uses it as a core advantage and spares no effort to develop BIM talent. Our team members are part of the construction projects of different types and scales, so they may get familiar with incorporating BIM in the building process of a hospital, high-tech factories, or office units at all stages. They will learn how to ideate and communicate design ideas through coordination and collaboration along with the steps in the process till the completion of construction. They will also get the opportunity to leverage integrated digital comms technology to apply BIM in more projects effectively.

FLOW Inc. has a department that provides AI data processing services and has set up a branch office in Tokyo. Now we invite all T-shaped talents to be a part of our team so you can play to your strengths and exercise your influence as we do. Let’s move forward to steer the force of “Tech for Good” toward a brighter future.


We believe that by enabling everyone to reach their greatest potential, we are working together to build a stronger team!

We appreciate every team member and are convinced that everybody has their place. By empowering every memeber, we help them fulfill their greatest potential, add value to the team, and achieve mutual prosperity with the company.

“Be a BIMer, be a T-shaped talent, and
be the best part of yourself.”
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